How we work

When working with our customers, we focus on communication, transparency, and accountability.
We firmly believe that two-way communication is essential at each stage of our relationships, and
we are always approachable and open to discussion.

Our work with clients is usually a three-step process:
Exploration of Needs

At this initial step, we meet and discuss
what results you expect to get, what
your business objectives are, and
how to achieve them.

Creation of Solutions

The second step involves deep analysis
of your business and industry to explore
their specifics and find the most effective
solutions. As a result, we offer 2-3 options
with detailed description of actions to take
and costs involved.

Implementation and Analysis

Finally, we implement the optimum solution.
At this stage, we pay specific attention to
communication. We keep you informed
about each step we take andregularly
update you about the progress.

Our Principles


We constantly learn and develop. At BR Consulting Group, we continuously research new marketing trends and solutions, explore our clients’ industries, and deeply learn our clients’ businesses


We firmly believe in transparency and accountability of our business, and we take full
responsibility for the results we deliver to our customers


We act as a trusted advisor and reliable partner for our clients, so respect and
proficiency lie at the core of our business relationships


We highly value time and money of our customers, and we design and implement
the most efficient marketing solutions